Protocol and Common Questions for This Evening's Meeting

What is the purpose of this evening’s meeting? The purpose of this evening’s meeting is for the Department to solicit public comments regarding the Keystone XL Mainline Alternative Route (MAR) Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Draft SEIS).

How do I provide comments? Comments on the Draft SEIS can be provided at this evening’s meeting at the “We Want Your Comments” poster stations in the following three ways (also see the back of this handout):

  • Verbally: A stenographer is available to record verbal comments.
  • Written: Comment forms are available at the sign-in desk and throughout the ballroom. The forms can be completed at the meeting and placed in one of the comment boxes located near the ballroom exit or submitted at the sign-in desk.
  • Electronic: Computer stations are available in the ballroom to the left of the stage that will allow access to the site. A meeting representative will be available to help navigate you through the website if needed.

What will the Department do with my comments? The Department will review all comments received during the public comment period. The Final SEIS will reflect consideration of all comments, contain the Department’s response to the comments, and provide revised SEIS text.

What if I wish not to provide comments at this evening’s meeting? Comments on the Draft SEIS will be accepted until November 8, 2018. Comments outside of this evening’s meeting can be submitted in writing or electronically (see back of handout for further information).

What is the meeting format? The meeting has an open house format. Stations providing information on the Keystone XL MAR project, Draft SEIS and public comment process are located throughout the ballroom.

What if I have questions or comments on other pipeline projects? The focus of this evening’s meeting is on the Keystone XL MAR Draft SEIS. Information on other pipelines or the portion of the Keystone XL Pipeline analyzed within the Department’s 2014 Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Keystone XL Project will not be available during this meeting.

Date: 09/28/2018 Description: WE WANT YOUR COMMENTS! - State Dept Image

Note: For comments submitted online at, please enter “Mainline Alternative Route” into the search field and follow the prompts.